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    Who We Are.​


    Business Counselor & Partners is a consulting firm based in Casablanca, specialized in Marketing, Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions, Business Development and Professional Training.
    The firm was founded in 2014, and counts on more than two decades of expertise working with multinational companies in Morocco and Africa.

    Our Values...

    In order to provide the best results, we commit to the company values that leads to progress and success: 2IQ


    Our relationship with our clients is based on transparency and trust. We are strongly committed on providing high-quality services to our customers.


    To continually deliver improvements tailored to our customers' business needs and make a real difference through the definition of out of the box solutions.


    To be the counselor of choice trusted to safely deliver value and quality to exceed our clients’ expectations.

    Why work with us.

    We operate on a "Mission/Project" model, assisting companies with finding solutions to internal and / or external business issues.
    We provide decision-makers with needed insights at a strategic and operational level, to help them in making informed decisions related to Marketing & Communication, Digital & Business Development. We also ensure, directly and through our network of qualified partners, the execution and monitoring of actions undertaken in the framework of these projects.

    Business Consulting.

    We assist you in building a healthy foundation for your business by creating market
    analyses and plans and help you lead your path toward growth.


    - Marketing strategy
    - Communication and PR
    - Market Research & surveys
    - Customer Relationship services
    - Innovative Content Creation : Text, 2D & 3D Videos, AR & VR, Interactive Presentations
    - Events & Merchandising

    Business development.

    - Market studies with actionable recommendations
    - Definition of new growth opportunities
    - Strategic development planning
    - New Product Introduction strategies
    - Development of related content

    Digital Consulting.

    We help you establish your business on Digital platforms. We create tailored B2B and B2C digital campaigns and innovative digital solutions that set your business apart.

    Social media marketing.

    - Multi-platform Social media management
    - Content creation
    - Paid search & SEO
    - E-reputation management & E Branding
    - Digital Solutions & Apps
    - Digital environments AR &VR
    - Innovative content


    We provide our clients with on demand trainings in various subjects

    For companies, it is a major lever of competitiveness and transformation, in order to adapt as best as possible to market changes: a group training its employees means a company adapting and evolving; And for individuals, the opportunity to develop their various skills, in order to ensure their employability and optimize their mobility

    - Marketing
    - Digital
    - Legal
    - Finance

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    We provide support to foreign companies wishing to settle and open offices in Morocco.

    We offer in the first place our expertise and our knowledge of the Moroccan market and local business practices as well as field support regarding admin and legal processes.

    - Administrative
    - Legal
    - Marketing research
    - Networking

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